My name is Lauren and I am the creator and editor of LUXPORTATION.

I always wanted to work in the fashion industry since as long as I can remember. My desire was to become a fashion designer however I absolutely hated art A-Level and the thought of going to do a design course filled me with dread. Instead, I studied Buying & Merchandising but decided that Buying was too corporate and not creative enough for me. I set my heart on becoming a stylist and after many hours interning I managed to procure a role as Senior Fashion Assistant also styling my own shoots on the side.

When I was 21 I was diagnosed with M.E. and my whole life as I knew it changed overnight. Being forced to leave my dream job in the fashion industry one of the things that got me through my illness was constantly researching holidays, seeking out spectacular hotels in far flung locations. I have always had a penchant for luxury travel and fine dining, having been blessed to experience some of the most exclusive hotels and restaurants. However, my desire to travel became an obsession when I became ill.

LUXPORTATION was born from one of my greatest talents – finding Champagne holidays at Prosecco prices. The website was originally designed to promote discounted luxury holiday offers however I began to get back to full health, I realised that I wanted to be experiencing these trips myself and the blog was born.

LUXPORTATION is a luxury lifestyle blog from a Millennial’s perspective. I love opulent hotels and high-end restaurants but I also enjoy going to festivals and trawling my favourite online retailers for the latest outfits. I adore extravagant holidays but I would much rather visit a new and exciting destination than a five-star hotel in a typical tourist trap.

Constantly evolving, LUXPORTATION combines the three loves of my life – travel, food and fashion providing comprehensive guides and recommendations. My style is already a regular feature on my Instagram page and will coming to the website soon!

If you are interested in working with LUXPORTATION, this is what I can do for you…

  • Press trip attendance
  • Content marketing
  • Sponsored blog posts/ social posts
  • Contribution to other publications
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Brand partnerships
  • Advertising opportunities
  • Features
  • Unique blog content
  • Social media campaigns
  • Reviews
  • Photography
  • Competitions/ giveaways
  • Product Placement

Please do not hesitate to contact me via the following:

Instagram: @luxportation
Twitter: @luxportationcom