Where to Travel in March Where to Travel in March
Where to Travel in March Where to Travel in March
Where to Travel in March Where to Travel in March
Where to Travel in March Where to Travel in March
Where to Travel in March Where to Travel in March

It may be the beginning of spring, but much of the UK can still experience, long rainy days during the month of March. For those who can’t wait for the summer sunshine, there’s a great selection of hot destinations to choose from. Alternatively, try something a little unique and visit a lesser known country. Here’s a guide on the best places to visit and where should be avoided.

Beach holidays

With a flying time of just under four hours, the Canary Islands remain a trusted destination throughout much of the year. March is no exception with expected temperatures of 21ºC and seven hours of daily sunshine. It may not be sunbathing weather but it’s a great time to enjoy the many outdoor attractions. Hiking, climbing and mountain biking are all available for the adventurous traveler.

For a laidback Mediterranean retreat, the nearby island of Madeira is just as beautiful with an old world charm that’s sure to impress. If you’re willing to travel even further, many of the Middle Eastern countries boast long, hot days of sunshine. Enjoy a shopping splurge in Dubai or take in the traditional culture of Oman. There’s plenty of exclusive resorts to choose from, offering five star service, world-renowned cuisine and sumptuous accommodation.

Sun worshippers can take advantage of the glorious weather on a Caribbean island. Be sure to book before the Easter holidays to avoid steep prices on flights and hotels. The islands of St Lucia, Barbados and Antigua are amongst the most popular with a great selection of beachside retreats.

March is also one of the best months to visit Sri Lanka, which offers a great mix of cultural and natural attractions. If you can drag yourself away from the golden bays, you can enjoy a safari and admire the countries magnificent elephants. There are also many beautiful temples to visit and the local cuisine is simply mouthwatering.

Something unique

Although weather can be less than favorable in many northern and eastern European countries, it’s still a great time for a city break. The cooler climate of Malta is perfect for a sightseeing holiday whilst the Cote d’Azur in France stays pleasantly uncrowded. Sorrento in Italy and Spain’s Mallorca offer a similar allure where restaurants provide value for money and many of the attractions can be enjoyed at off peak prices.

Travel to the land of opportunity and you can take in the iconic landmarks of New York, Washington DC or Los Angeles. Weather on the west coast is particular good with sunshine throughout much of March. Partygoers can enjoy the adrenal fueled fun of Las Vegas before visiting the jaw-dropping Grand Canyon.

Where to avoid

Beach holidays to Kenya should be avoided with heavy rains forecasted during this rainy period. With rising temperatures, Canada is another no-go destination. Mosquitos begin breeding in the Spring period and melting snow leaves behind icy slush.