Following a successful crowdfunding campaign, som saa will open their permanent and long-awaited restaurant in East London on 11th April. From their humble beginnings in a Peckham pop-up to a year long residency in London Fields, the som saa team are bringing their old style Thai dishes to Spitalfields. Located on Commercial Street, the former fabric warehouse will retain its original charm and features. With inspiration from London and Bangkok the interiors will have a vintage, rustic feel.

Under the tutelage of the legendary David Thompson, Co-Head Chefs Andy Oliver and Mark Dobbie met at the Michelin starred Nahm restaurant in London in 2009. After stints at highly esteemed restaurants including Pok Pok in New York and Bo.Lan in Bangkok, Andy and Mark joined forces with co-founder and General Manager Tom George to create the sensational som saa.

As well as several of the most popular dishes from the Climpson’s Arch residency, the new menu will feature fare from all over Thailand. Designed by Head Chef duo Andy and Mark, expect quality Asian ingredients coupled with British seasonal produce. A number of delicious curries, sharing dishes and stir fries such as pad grapow pbet (stir fried duck with holy basil and chillies and a crispy duck egg over rice) will be part of the offering. There will also be a ‘chef’s selection’ that changes daily.

Launching six weeks after opening, som saa have announced a brunch and lunch menu. These will be an edited selection of the evening menu with quick, street-food style dishes. Brunch will be available in addition to the lunch menu with dishes including traditional crispy wok fried Thai omelette with fermented chilli sauce and Thai-Chinese style doughnuts with pandanus custard. Wash down these delectable treats with Bangkok Mary cocktails devised by General Manager Tom George.

som saa
43A Commercial Street, London E1 6BD

Opening Hours

Lunch:                  Tuesday – Friday 12pm -230pm (To launch 6 weeks after opening)
Brunch:                Saturday – Sunday 11am -2:30pm (To launch 6 weeks after opening)
Dinner:                 Monday – Sunday 6pm -10:30pm (10pm on Sun)

Twitter: @somsaa_london
Instagram: @somsaa_london

Lauren Fisher

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