Top 5 Christmas Holiday Destinations

Whether you’re looking for sun, snow or to simply get away from it all over the festive period, we’ve put together our Top 5 Christmas holiday destinations to help you decide where to go for your dream break.


Of course, many of us associate Christmas with snow. And if that’s you, you should consider Lapland, where you can experience the beauty and wonder of the Northern Lights or go on an adrenaline-filled husky ride.  Children and adults alike can’t help but get into the Christmas spirit in this beautiful Arctic wilderness.

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For those who don’t mind heading a little further afield, Barbados is the place to go. This Caribbean island is a haven for the rich and famous who flock to its white sandy beaches, beautiful eateries and laid back atmosphere. Christmas is the perfect time to go as the sun’s still shining and there’s very little rain. Families and couples will love The Colony Club by Elegant Hotels for its luxury and elegance combined with superb facilities, and beachside position complete with water sports and spa.

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If you prefer snow you can ski on, the Four Seasons in Whistler is the perfect festive destination. Whistler is the largest ski resort in North America and Canada, and its spectacular background formed by two mountains and three glaciers is among the most spectacular on Earth. There’s over 200 ski runs in 8,171 acres of snow that will test everyone from beginners to seasoned experts. You’ll also find it’s packed with shops selling gorgeous jewellery, fashion, artwork and luxury items not available anywhere else.

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If you want to head for somewhere sunny, Tenerife is a perennial favourite as it’s within easy reach over the UK. Average temperatures are still in the low to mid-twenties making it ideal to bask by the pool with a cocktail, enjoy one of the island’s fantastic beaches or explore the stunning scenery. Tenerife caters for couples and families equally well and there’s plenty going on all year round. Head for the Ritz Carlton Abama for some great winter sun deals.

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New York

New York is famous for being a fabulous Christmas holiday destination. The Big Apple really goes for it during the festive season and you can enjoy a host of Christmas activities from ice skating in Times Square to exploring the spectacular Christmas markets. The city boasts some of the world’s best-known department stores including Macy’s and Bloomingdales where you can pick up an array of gifts to take home. The New York Palace hotel offers travellers some of the finest accommodation in New York where you can enjoy all the city has to offer from an elegant suite overlooking the Manhattan skyline.


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