The journey to and from our dream destination is often the bit we dread. On the way, we’re impatient to start our holiday and on the way home we’ve got nothing but everyday life awaiting us. But the journey itself can be just as satisfying as the holiday with a little luxury thrown in. Here in our Lux Guide: Best Ways to Travel in Luxury you can ensure that, from now on, you travel in style.

1.  Book a Chauffeur

There’s nothing worse than worrying about last-minute taxis or where to park the car when you’re preparing for an early morning, long-haul flight. Enter a luxury chauffeur car hire service: the easiest and most stylish way to minimise any airport journey stress. Choose from a range of beautiful cars (think Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Mercedes) and enjoy a completely hassle-free trip complete with films, refreshments and an all-essential wifi connection to track your flight. There are countless UK-based services but if you book your holiday with Virgin’s Upper Class service, a chauffeur to and from the airport is all part of the package.

2.  Make Time to Lounge

You have checked in and made it through security. Now is not the time to be wandering around duty free waiting impatiently for your gate information – it’s time to visit the airport’s luxury lounges. If you’re flying with Virgin, make use of their Gatwick or Heathrow Clubhouses (open 6.30am – 10.30pm) for gourmet cuisine and serene spa facilities. Marvel as expert mixologists create the cocktail of your dreams and make use of the tranquil space to work or recharge your batteries. There’s an extensive a la carte menu too.

 3.  Upgrade your Flight

How many times have you felt uncomfortable on a flight? Perhaps it’s the lack of space, the underwhelming dinner or the noise levels. Whatever it is, it’s these little details that can make or break a journey. Nowhere is this more obvious than in Premium Economy Class where small improvements make a big difference. Virgin Atlantic does it skilfully, with a choice of three delicious meals, more legroom, a vast entertainment system and inseat power so you can use your gadgets throughout the flight.

4.  The Overall Package

For all of the above and more, opt for the ultimate luxury travel upgrade: Virgin’s Upper Class service. Not only will you get a chauffeur driven car service (so no need to book separately) and exclusive access to the award-winning Clubhouse lounges, but you’ll whizz through check-in and boarding without any waiting time. Once on board, you’ll have access to a bed so comfy it rivals those of plush hotel suites and celebrity chef Lorraine Pascale’s signature menu. The best bit? The on-board afternoon tea service…

The Virgin Atlantic worldwide sale is currently on with offers on Premium and Upper Class fares.

Lia Martin

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