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A kaleidoscope of vibrant cultures, ancient treasures and spectacular natural wonders, Asia promises an experience like no other. Whether you’re seeking a sun-kissed beach paradise, jungle retreat or bustling city break, the region has it all.

Beach escape

The beaches of Thailand are among the best in the world. With hundreds of islands on the east and west coasts, you’ll be spoilt for choice when picking your own slice of paradise. Aside from lounging in the sun, visitors can take an underwater adventure and explore the world-class scuba diving sites. Back on dry land, why not treat yourself to a traditional Thai massage? Many of the luxury resorts include some of the finest spa facilities and villas boasting their own private pool.

Alternatively, head to the white sands of Indonesia which are lined with lush mangroves and exotic rainforests. It’s a country rich in heritage where you’ll come across the friendliest locals and mouth wateringly delicious cuisine. For those looking to head off the tourist trail, a holiday in the lesser known Philippines could be better suited. Soak up the sun and reconnect with nature on your own secluded beach. There are also plenty of outdoor pursuits for the adventurous including surfing and rainforest hikes.

City breaks

With some of the most iconic cities in the world, a city break in Asia offers everything you could expect and more. Marvel at the futuristic skylines of Singapore and Tokyo or enjoy a shopping splurge in the night markets of Kuala Lumpur. Hong Kong’s impressive skyline is best enjoyed on a guided boat tour of the bay whilst the water markets of Bangkok are not to be missed.

Smaller cities are equally impressive and still offer a great mix of cultural sights without the crowds. Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand is one such example where visitors can hike into the surrounding mountains, visiting breathtaking temples along the way.

Cultural sights

With a cultural heritage dating back thousands of years, it’s no surprise that Asia is home to some of the world’s major sightseeing attractions. Immerse yourself in the rich history of Thailand with a visit to its intricate Buddhist temples and golden statues. In Cambodia, take a journey back through time and explore ancient cities deep in the rainforest where crumbling palaces can be discovered under overgrown vines. China is also well suited for the culture vulture, imperial architecture meets preserved medieval towns and villages.

With year round festivities and religious events, there’s always an opportunity to celebrate and enjoy a true taste of Asia. Take in the customs of Japan with a traditional tea ceremony or party with the locals at one of the vibrant festivals in India. It’s a great way to enjoy traditional entertainment and authentic cuisine.

With a trip to Asia, you can be guaranteed the holiday of a lifetime in rich and beautiful surroundings.